Monday, June 6, 2011

Twilight Candleflies by Scott Niven

Today's review makes me happy. You know, the kind of happy you get when you find a new author that you adore, that you simply must by all of their books? That's what happened when I found Scott Niven. I bought one of his three books and then went back and purchased the others because I couldn't get enough. That was at the $1.99 price. Lucky for you, they are now on sale for just $.99 each!

Scott's work is hard to pigeonhole. Its a mix of scifi, fantasy and horror. Each story like a Twilight Zone episode. It was hard to pick which book to review because I loved them all equally. I finally decided on Twilight Candleflies because I love apocalyptic fiction. The first story, The Last School of Humanities, is about a woman trying to go on with life after the end of the world. She's made a home, a garden and taken in orphans. Its a solitary life but it suits her fine. Unfortunately, you can't just shut the world out and not all survivors are as peaceful as she.

The next story, This Is Not Your Mother's Earth, explores a common theme- a matriarchal society and men's role in such. I can't decide if this is a man's worst nightmare or every man's dream. The last story in this collection is Five Minutes for the World. What happens when the one thing you look forward to for a year doesn't pan out? How far will you go to get another chance? And what happens when you find out things aren't what they seem?

Each of Scott's three books contain three stories. Each is well worth the read. He reminds me a bit of Ray Bradbury. And each story is like a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/Night Gallery episode. I can't wait to read what he comes out with next!

Also, I'd like to throw some kudos to his girlfriend, Amy Jo Martin, who did his amazing cover art. I understand that all three pictures were taken from a larger painting she did for Scott. It can be viewed as the header on his website. If you enjoy the cover art, you can visit her Etsy store here:

That's all for today folks, but please jaunt on over to The Author Spot for an interview with Scott Niven and more links to his work!

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Blaze McRob said...

I tried to comment here the other day, but I had no luck. Great review. I'll have to buy the books.