Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blood of my World trilogy: Discovery of Death by A.P. Fuchs

Today's book review is the first in the YA Blood of my World trilogy by A.P. Fuchs. The first book is Discovery of Death, followed by Memories of Death and Life of Death.

The trilogy follows the story of Rose and Zach, two high school sweethearts deeply in love. Then one day Zach disappears. Rose is left to try to carry on, but how do you get over someone when you don't know what happened to them? But that's not all that's on Rose's plate. She's about to lose someone she loves, find out monsters are real and discover that she comes from a long line of vampire slayers. And you thought high school was hard!

Zach's not having such an easy time himself. He wakes up dead and in a coffin with no memory. He learns that he's now a vampire, has a whole vampire family and incredible powers. Yet he's tormented by bits and pieces of memories from his human life. He's torn between images of a  beautiful girl and his new found family.

What will happen when Rose and Zach meet up again? Can they forsake their families and their destinies for the sake of true love? Well, you'll have to read all three novellas to figure that one out. The novellas are Young Adult so they're a quick and easy read. The concept is interesting, very Romeo & Juliet meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I've only read the first novella, and it was a little heavy on the romance for a true horror fan. There are however, undertones of things yet to come that may satisfy the bloodthirsty. Don't get me wrong- these are in no way sparkly vampires. They drink blood and kill and enjoy doing so. But at heart, the books are a love story. Fans of paranormal romance will find them delightful.

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Blaze McRob said...

Sounds like an interesting read, or reads since we are talking series. I'll have to check it out.

Claudia Lefeve said...

Interesting premise. Will add to my "to read" list :)