Monday, October 31, 2011

"Home" by Carson Buckingham

Carson Buckingham and I originally met through email, but I have been lucky enough to become her friend. And I was extremely pleased when she asked me to read and review her novella, Home.

Home combines two of my favorite things ever, Irish folklore and a great near-gothic setting. Its the story of Katie Kavanaugh, whose mother and aunt both pass away at the same time and leave her their house in the town of Three Oaks. Fleeing an abusive marriage, Katie goes home to claim her inheritance. What she gets turns out to be far more than she bargained. Her inheritance includes much more than just a strange old house.

To say it was a compelling read would be putting it mildly. I actually read it all in one sitting, because I couldn't put it down. Carson weaves interesting characters, odd situations and strange goings-on seamlessly into the narrative. The reader can't help but be intrigued and almost desperate to find out what's really going on. All is revealed at the end and the explanation not only makes perfect sense, but will resonate within the reader. And for those discerning enough, it will not be unexpected as there are many subtle hints throughout the story. Anyone familiar with Irish folklore will begin to recognize elements in the story.

The only fault I can find is the length. The story was so good, that it seemed to fly by. I would love to have had a little more length to savor. Having already read several of Carson's published works in anthologies (and one unpublished, as yet, one), I was already a fan. Now I'm a huge fan and will eagerly await her next novel.

I highly recommend Home, and any of Carson's work. Home will appeal to anyone who enjoys gothic-style literature, mysteries, Irish folklore, and well told tales. There's the feel of Bradbury in her work. Home is available on Kindle, Smashwords and available from Amazon in paperback.

As always, I've got an interview with the author up at The Author Spot. Go give it a read- Carson's an interesting lady.

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