Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shining in Crimson, Book One of the Empire of Blood series...

Shining in Crimson is hard to classify. Its a vampire tale. But its also a dystopian society tale. Its a tale with complex characters and it comments on socio-political themes. Its rather intense.

I'll be honest, it was a little hard to get into. It wasn't that it started slow, it does not. It starts with immediate action. I just wasn't hooked. But I'm stubborn, so I kept reading. And I'm glad I did. It's an excellent book. Its exciting, its involving and its original.

Vampires have been around for centuries. Well, not real vampires (well, maybe), but vampire lore. Its on nearly every continent, in every culture. The stories vary widely, and we all know that they don't always agree: sparkly in the sun vs. ashes in the sun. So to find a novel that has an original take on vampires is not an easy feat. But it is refreshing.

Shining in Crimson is about so much more than vampires, though. Its about society as a whole and how we treat others. Its about government having too much power. Its detailed characterizations pull you in and get you involved in the story. Its plot turns and twists keep you engaged and sometimes surprised.

I loved that Las Vegas ended up being the home of the vampires, where prisoners are sent to die. Irony, no? I recommend Shining in Crimson to intelligent readers everywhere. Its much more than just a book about vampires. So much more.

Want to learn more about Robert Shane Wilson? Visit me over at The Author Spot for an interview with the man who, like his novel, has hidden depths.



Horror to Fight Horrors said...
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robertswilson said...

Haha, oopsie, forgot to sign into my own account. Here's what I had said though: Thanks for the review, Stacey! And thank you for the critical feedback!

Spot said...

Robert~ you are very welcome!


Blaze McRob said...

Vampires + dystopian societies! Great combo. I love them both. sounds like a great movie idea!