Monday, January 30, 2012

The Conduit by Gordon Bonnet

I met Gordon via Twitter (Ha! You thought I was going to say FaceBook, didn't you?). I'm not sure who followed who first, but I quickly became a fan of his humor and wit and then of his writing. So when he posted a link to his published works, I offered to do a review. He kindly asked me which book I would like and gifted my choice to me. It was tough to pick. All of his works interested me, but I finally chose The Conduit because it had a big old creepy house and hinted at a scary family history. I was not disappointed!

Synopsis: Ryan Linahan lived an ordinary life as a high school biology teacher, until Great-Uncle George Parker died. While helping his family to go through all of Great-Uncle George's belongings, Ryan discovered a box full of old letters that revealed that the Parker family had some serious skeletons in the closet -- skeletons that were about to come back to life.

Upon finding a genealogical link between the Parkers and the Meadows and Fry families, who had left behind a legacy of dark reputation and ill will in the small, rural Pennsylvania village where they lived, Ryan becomes obsessed with finding out what it was his ancestors were actually guilty of. And his obsession leads him to become ensnared in events that, though they happened in the 19th century, are far from over, and in the end may reawaken evil that was thought to be dead and buried for over a century.

Sounds good, right? It was. The plot was intricate. It touches on Native American legends, demonic possession, conspiracies, inherited evil and madness. And yet, it all makes sense and doesn't lose the reader. The characters were sympathetic and easily likable. The added bits of history, found in the letters, old newspaper articles and other genealogical records was icing on the cake. There is some switching of pov- you get different characters with different chapters- was well done and not confusing as 'head-hopping' sometimes can be. The writing style flows well and the story plays out nicely, while the end satisfies. No lose ends here.

I'm going to give it four stars. It is well worth the read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good scary tale with some history thrown in. I'm looking forward to reading more of Gordon's work.

You can find out more about Gordon over at The Author Spot today, as he kindly consented to an interview. You can find out more about him and his published works at his blog. And you can buy The Conduit on

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Blaze McRob said...

Great review, Stacey! I love the sound of the SECRETS! One can never have enough of them! Woo, hoo!