Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Robber by WJ Rosser

I met WJ on Facebook(Is there anyone else to meet people these days?) and I liked his literary writing style. So when he put The Robber: Selected Works up for free for a few days, I jumped at my chance and downloaded it. Now, normally I read and review horror, so this isn't my usual fare. If you're looking for skeletons or demonic possessions you should probably come back another day. It's not that I read only horror. I read a little bit of everything, but since I work with mostly horror authors, I find myself reading and reviewing more of it than anything else. However, I like a good mainstream literary yarn as much as the next girl.

So I crawled into bed with my Kindle and started this collection. And a short time later I found myself in tears. That doesn't happen often. But the first story in the collection was so moving, that I couldn't help myself. I got caught up in the story from the very first paragraph. Rosser has an unbelievable talent for immersing you immediately in the character's lives. The interplay between the characters is so real that they could be the couple next door. They are genuine, slightly flawed and absolutely believable. His writing flows well and pulls you along the storyline.

Of the three stories, the title story, The Robber, was easily my favorite, despite the tears. Winchester 30/30 begs the question, how well do we really know our parents? And Genny, is a wonderful slice of one man's life and struggle with temptation. Also included in the collection are two poems which I also enjoyed.

I would recommend The Robber: Selected Works for anyone who enjoys literary fiction. For those who enjoy little vignettes of other's lives, those who liked their heartstrings tugged, and honesty in fiction.

You can find out more about WJ Rosser and his alter ego, Jeremy Wright, over at The Author Spot, where he has kindly consented to an interview.

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Blaze McRob said...

Sounds like another great read to add to my collection! Thank you!