Monday, May 9, 2011

The Fury by Claudia Lefeve

 When Claudia Lefeve emailed me and asked me to review her new novella, The Fury, I was excited. I hadn't read any of Claudia's work yet, but I'd seen some of the authors I enjoy tweeting links to her novella. And even though I enjoy a good novel length read as much as the next girl, I adore short stories and novellas. I think it takes a special skill to tell a full story in shortened form. Let me just say that Claudia Lefeve definitely has that skill.

The Fury tells the story of a small town with small town mindset, where football stars are king and anyone who speaks out about them, incurrs the wrath of the whole town. When the unthinkable happens to Abby Sheppard, her first instinct is to keep it to herself. But after rumors are spread that tell another story she decides to set the record straight. Instead of the sympathy and desire for justice she expects from others, she's ostracized and humiliated. No matter what a jury says, the town's mind is made up. Luckily for Abby, there are other ways to see that justice is served.

The novella is a very intriguing read, there are twists you don't see coming (and I don't think I've spoiled). The courtroom scene is realistic, thanks in part I'm sure to Mrs. Lefeve's experience in the Criminal Justice System. Abby is a character you empathize with and root for and the bad guys are believable but also detestable. The pacing is just right and the whole thing just feels real. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys short fiction, horror fiction or even crime fiction. If I had to give a description I'd say "think Friday Night Lights meets the Twilight Zone".  You know you want to read here are the links:

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Claudia Lefeve said...

Thanks for taking the time to read The Fury and for a great review! I have to admit, my own husband hasn't read The Fury, but after reading your review, he wants to check it out!