Monday, May 2, 2011

No Escape by Anthony Izzo

No EscapeNo Escape, the latest book by Anthony Izzo, is a suspenseful and engrossing read. So suspenseful and engrossing in fact, that while I was reading it (home alone in the semidarkness) and my cell phone went off, I jumped three feet in the air. I believe "Holy Hell!" is what I shouted. (And yes, I do know that that is an oxymoron!)

The book begins with a military mission, a ship and some dangerous cargo- all shrouded in mystery. And that's just the Prologue. When the first chapter begins we are immediately thrust in the world of the Hammond family and to say that their vacation is about to get deadly would be putting it mildly. Before the book is done, the Hammond family will become unlikely allies with a secret military unit and some other innocent vacationers in order to survive.

The action starts quick and the body count rises. It doesn't let up until the end. I guess I'd call this one a "nail-biter". Thankfully, I stopped biting my nails. But if you haven't, well, you've been warned. Mr. Izzo  mixes action, suspense, horror, gore and mystery all together in one delectable ball of anxiety. Throw in some well developed characters with believable interactions and you've got yourself a thrill ride of a read.

I would recommend No Escape to anyone who's a fan of military conspiracies, creature horror or suspense thrillers. I haven't read any of Anthony Izzo's other books before but I plan on correcting that in the very near future. He's an author on his way up. And I've added him to my "To Be Read" list.

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