Monday, May 23, 2011

Memoirs of the Walking Dead by Jason McKinney

When you're reading Zombie fiction, seeing Zombie movies or just chatting about the impending Zombie Apocalypse (doesn't everyone do that?), you're usually thinking about your survival. As a human. But what about the Zombies? What are they thinking, beyond the usual "Bbbrrraaaaiiinnsss"? If you have ever wondered, Jason Mckinney's book will answer that question for you.

Memoirs of the Walking Dead is told from one Zombie's point of view. It covers how he became a Zombie and how he's surviving his undeath. Paul Rierson is a Zombie with more morality than most and tries to refrain from snacking on live people. Unfortunately, his Zombie cat Charlotte, doesn't share either his moral values or his self restraint. Paul's just a guy (undead though he may be) trying to stay alive, have a relationship and make his existence meaningful.

The book is laugh out loud funny in parts, gruesome in parts (Zombie sex, anyone?) and thought provoking in others. How do you hold on to your core values in a world turned upside down? It's not without a few faults; grammatical errors and a few slower moving parts, but on the whole its very entertaining!

I would recommend it for anyone who loves Zombie fiction, humor and biographies. And a big shout out to Jason's wife, Tabitha, who did the cover design!

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Blaze McRob said...

Zombie sex! I'm hooked now! A funny zombie biography sounds great.

You know what I think is great? even though you made this novel sound so cool that I'll have to read it, you were honest about a couple of flaws. I like that. It just goes to show that a keen eye ahead of time is very valuable.

Great job!

Jezri said...

It is on my to read list! In fact, I am moving it to the top.